Do you have a creative mind?


Yesterday my six year old granddaughter asked, “Grammy, are you cheering for the birds or the horses?”

Ah, the innocent minds of children-so creative, comical. What a joy to capture some of their personality. Some days outside influences cloud my thoughts, cramp my creative juices. When this happens, I turn away from the computer and stare through the patio door at God’s handiwork. A thick rolling white carpet hides everything except the calico cats’ paw prints scampering here and there, crisscrossing the mailman’s deep footprints. Footprints widened by the sun until they resembled Big Foot’s.

Hum, how would I react if Big Foot suddenly appeared? My mind’s gears shift into focus, creative juices flow. Time to let my fingers dance across the keyboard. Have a great day.



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